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Bhandal Brother Transport provides a cost-effective means to reliably manage an integral component of the supply chain process, from building your distribution center to managing it.



With dedicated and non-asset service offerings,Bhandal Transport will get your product moved from Point A to Point B without problems and on-time.


Our Objective is to ensure the most efficient dispatching, handling and routing of every load.
We are committed to the safety of our customers’ goods, our drivers and those they share the road with. We have one of the best safety performances on record and have won awards throughout our 6-year history.

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What else we provide?

Long Haul Trucking

We’ve been providing long-haul trucking services as a common carrier for more than 6 years, and pride ourselves in providing outstanding service to our customers.Our customers demand service they can count on with every load entrusted to us.We provide on-time delivery, consistently thoughtful service, anticipation of your needs and the quality of equipment.

Short Haul Trucking

Bhandal Brother Transport has served the customers by providing custom short-haul shipping solutions, backed by our expert in-house logistics team and experienced, professional drivers.

Inter City and Inter Province Mail Hauling

For more than 6 years,Bhandal Brother Transport has provided short-haul and long-haul trucking services as a common carrier throughout the city and province.

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What our clients say

Bhandal Transport has proven to be a very dependable trucking company.This is highlighted by their excellent communication and sense of urgency on every shipmemt.They are very professional and personal company to deal with.

James Stevens james.stevens355@yahoo.com

Bhandal Transport has done an outstanding job on getting all of our products shipped out the door in a timely manner.When you call them up you always talk to a “live person”.They get you the immediate attention you need.

David Hussan hussan.david438@gmail.com

Who we are?

The BHANDAL BROTHER TRANSPORT LTD, a privately owned trucking services company, has been providing quality service,along with our company's commitment to make the process of moving your loads as straight-forward and simple as possible.Our company was founded in 2012.Bhandal Brother Transport is built to provide you with the visibility needed to make actionable and impactful decisions for your supply chain.Through years of dedication to customer service and hard work it has grown into the well established trucking company it is today.We provide the services like:-

  • Mail Hauling in Western Canada
  • Long Haul
  • Short Haul
  • Inter City and Inter Province


About Us

Bhandal Brother Transport offers mid to large-scale services to industrial customers across Alberta,Canada.We are one of Canada’s largest mail haulers with extensive experience operating in harsh environments.Since our beginnings in 2012 we have played a key role in the Canadian transportation landscape. High quality service at the least total cost is our mandate.We are shaping the road ahead by delivering innovation and creating advanced mobility solutions for safe and responsible transportation services. Finally, we have also hauled mails outside the province.